Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OK, it's time.....

Time to get myself under control here.  I'm seriously considering trying Jenny Craig.  

I was looking at pictures from our gala & auction and discovered that I'm much (to use a very un-PC word) fatter than I thought I actually am.  I had a rude awakening last night when I was looking at some pictures of myself.  I really thought I looked good that night, I mean, I  barely ate anything the couple of weeks before the gala since I was so busy.  But, no.  Looking at those pictures made me want to pass out.  In my mind, I'm much, much skinnier, which is probably better being so unaware.  

So, I am really going to try this time.  I think I need some outside help, since I'm clearly not getting the job done. Time to call in the extra forces!  There is a Jenny Craig literally 2 blocks from me.  Maybe I should get off the computer & walk there right now & surrender. 

Saturday, May 09, 2009


OK, so it's been a while. I was fairly diligent about posting about 2 years ago, but somehow fell off the wagon, so to speak.  I already Facebook, Twitter, & BrightKite daily, so how hard could it be to add my blog back into my life?  

I'm hoping to chat about every day life, my family, my job, anything, & everything.  Hope it's something you find interesting! Stay tuned.  I'm definitely back! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol Review 12

I've been lazy the past 2 weeks!!!

Just to comment, I was shocked that Melinda went last week. Shocked.

On to this week... I will be even more shocked if Blake wins the whole thing. Jordin was amazing tonight. I think Blake will end up with some kind of career, but Jording just blew him away with her vocals.

The last song, in fairness to Blake, was absolutely a gushy, touching ballad that is really better suited towards Jordin's type of voice/singing. She had an advantage there, but she just sang it beautifully. Randy is right, Blake is the better entertainer, and Jordin is the better vocalist.

On another note, was Randy Jackson channelling Michael Jackson tonight? What was he wearing????? That jacket was hideous!
And....what kind of painkillers is Paula on? Tripping over your tiny dog & just about breaking your nose has got to hurt. She was totally drugged up & her lips looked very swelled. Is it me or do we think maybe she's had a little botox or something? She seemed very stiff.

So, to wrap it up, I think that Jordin is going to win the whole thing. If she doesn't, I'll be very surprised. (I voted for her 20 times.)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

American Idol Review 11

Then there were four!

Each contestant had 2 songs (thankfully). I love the BeeGees & had very mixed feelings about last night. All in all, I think Jordin ran away with it! She's just amazing.

Melinda...I didn't love her tonight like I usually do. I liked the second song better than the first. Very good choice & she didn't change it too much. If I had to place her tonight, she would be in 2nd place.

Blake...I really like Blake, so I hate what I have to say. I think he may go this week. First of all, "You Should be Dancin'" is such a well known song, that it really shouldn't be messed with too much. I loved how he changed a well-known song last week, but I don't think it worked this week. I also think that it didn't showcase his singing too much. I heard the backup singers more than him. The second song was better, but I don't think people can relate to it because they don't know it. I agree with Randy that he doesn't need to add BB to every song. This song did not need it at all.

LaKisha...I kind of liked her version of Stayin' Alive. I liked the syncopation that she added. I do agree the tempo could have been closer to the original. Her second song was ok. As I'm thinking about it now, I can't remember what it was, so that may say something. I do remember her voice cracking at the end. I hope she doesn't go this week, but I think she is vulnerable.

Jordin was great. On her first song, she was very controlled & it was a perfect choice for her. For her second choice, I thought it showcased her voice well. I disagreed with the judges for the most part. It didn't sound "pitchy" to me, as Randy said. I see what Simon is saying about it being a little old-fashioned for her, but I thought she did really well. She's staying this week. I thnk she took first place tonight.

So, if I had to guess, it will be Blake, possibly LaKisha. I think Melinda & Jordin are safe.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American Idol Results05.02.07

Wow! Are we in the month of May already??? AI tickets go on sale May 19th for the summer tour!

Anyway, am I good or what? I said Chris & Phil. It's going to be a woman this year, I think. I don't think Blake can outlast the 3 powerful women on the show. But then again, he's really more a pop star than they all are. These next few weeks are going to be interesting & heartbreaking! Can't wait to see how it will turn out.

What are we going to do after these next 4 weeks? Oh, I know! Wait for the 2nd season of "So You Think You Can Dance" to begin!

American Idol Review 10

Sorry I missed last week. We had some storms and my DVR did not record Idol. I was putting Samantha to bed, so I didn't watch it live. It was a good show I heard.

Onto this week...Bon Jovi!!!! Is it me, or does Jon Bon Jovi get better looking as he ages? He was pretty good as a vocal coach.

I'll just run down the contestants.

Phil. I thought he shouted the whole song & didn't really "work" the song. He doesn't tell the story, just goes for the power. I also thought he was a little ahead of the music somewhere in the middle. Despite my criticism, I thought it was a good choice of song. I was very surprised that Randy & Paula liked it so much. I think he might be one of the 2 going home.

Jordin. The poor thing. She just is not a rocker & completely knows it. She took JBJ's advice, but messed it up. She knew it. I hope she doesn't go home because she is so good. One, it was a hard choice of song, then she started it too low. Anyway, hopefully she'll still be here next week.

LaKisha. She's back! I thought she did a great job, I thought. Great song choice, great execution, great control. She's not going anywhere this week!

Blake. He really took a chance. It's such a popular, well-known song that it could have gone either way. At first, I had doubts about his performance, but I think I liked it. It was a great song choice for him. However, I hated that hair!

Chris. I just think he's wimpy. This could have been a good song choice, but I thought it was boring. I also think that you should know the words to the song for the vocal coach.

Melinda. She did great. Great song choice! I love how she can change her style to whatever she sings. Totally agree with the judges, she had a Tina Turner quality.

I think this week Phil & Chris are going.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol Results04.18.07

Can you hear the choir of angels sing? Hallellujah!!! I actually jumped up and down & screamed! Not too obsessed....

Finally Sanjaya goes home! It is about time.

When I saw Jordin & then Melinda in the same group, I knew he was at least going to be in the bottom 3. When he and LaKisha were the only 2 left, I thought that if she goes home, this is truly an injustice. She did not do very well last night, but her voice & her track record are much better than his. I'm sure she was up there thinking, "If this kid beats me out for American Idol....". You can guess the rest.

Did everyone notice Simon's big smile?? The right person definitely went home tonight. You know that the whole group is relieved that they don't have to worry about him.

Now the real competition can begin!


American Idol Review 8

OK, I'm slipping. I completely forgot to blog last night after the show.

Once again, I feel like I should take the 4th judges spot on the show because I have written down comments during the performances that the judges said after the performances.

I'll just go in order, but unfortunately, I can't say anything about Blake & Melinda because a storm knocked out my satellite during the critique of Chris.

Phil did great last night. My exact notes were, He is a natural country singer. He's found his comfort zone. This is the genre for him. Randy then basically said the same thing.

Jordin was amazing as usual. She really worked the song & gave it a tiny bit of an R&B feel. I think she could be the AI, which Simon also said. I'm sure it's very hard to do a strong singer's song. She just did an amazing job. However, could people in the audience that make posters that will be on national TV spell her name right? It's J-O-R-D-I-N!

Sanjaya, Sanjaya. Back to his true form, he really, really was terrible. I swear, I think I could sing that song better & that's not saying much! It sounded like really bad karaoke. He just can't compete with the others. Martina McBride was very diplomatic on her criticism. She mentioned that he isn't singing strong enough & she's right. When he sang some strong notes in last week's song, he really did shine there, but I still think he can't compete. During the song, the judges were discussing something & Randy was kind of laughing. I would love to have been in on that conversation. Simon seemed pretty angry about this whole voting for Sanjaya/the worst thing. He actually said that it was funny at first, but now it's just ridiculous. I heard that he & Randy won't return if he wins. I wonder how true that is. I'm sure they are kicking themselves for letting him through in the first place.

LaKisha was kind of off for me. I felt that she was flat or something because her melody completely didn't work with the background singers' harmony. Hard to do Carrie Underwood. She just didn't do it for me this week & I really want her to do well. If she goes & Sanjaya stays, I may have to boycott the show.

This was not Chris R.'s genre. I thought he was flat in many parts of the song. He did try to give it an R&B spin, as he normally does, but it didn't work for me. I agree with Randy on this one. There wasn't really a connection with the song.

As I said before, I missed Blake & Melinda, so I'll just have to see the recap on the results show.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

American Idol Results04.11.07

Haley needed to go. I knew it would be Phil & Haley in the bottom. There was no way that Sanjaya was going home, especially with a performance that was "not horrible", as Simon put it. I really don't disagree this week! Amazing.